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Tampere City Region

Tampere City Region is the most attractive growth centres in Finland. It includes the city of Tampere, towns of Nokia, Orivesi and Ylöjärvi and the municipalities of Kangasala, Lempäälä, Pirkkala and Vesilahti. Tampere City Region is the second largest growth center in Finland and it is situated in Pirkanmaa. One of the most important advantages for the region is the nationally suitable location in the crossroads of the main traffic ways.

Tampere City Region consists of eight municipalities and is situated in Southern Finland.

Joint Authority of Tampere City Region

Why Inter-communal Cooperation is Needed?

The municipalities of Tampere City Region work in cooperation. Together the municipalities of Tampere City Region can better provide and develop all the services needed for the municipalities. They can determine new ways to manage expenses, invest more efficiently and secure balanced development of the region.

Who Benefits from Inter-communal Cooperation?

Cooperation between municipalities facilitates the every day life of inhabitants for example when day-care, school and health care services are available regardless of the administrative borders of municipalities.

Why do We need Joint Authority?

Municipalities are more and more dependent on regional development. Therefore, land use, infrastructure and other public services should be planned and coordinated collectively. Subregion board makes the inter-communal decisions and subregion unit executes them.

Cooperation in Tampere City Region

Well-balanced and functional community, flexible welfare services and competitive environment and expertise for the businesses are the objectives of inter-communal cooperation. Subregional strategy and urban region plan form the basis for the cooperation. Intercommunal cooperation is organised by the joint authority of Tampere City Region and is funded by the local communities and state driven Tampere regional centre programme.


Ongoing Projects

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Subregional service network of basic health care, basic education and day-care

Subregional climate change strategy

Subregional urban planning (housing, traffic, land use)

Tampere Business Office and Business Strategy – 8 municipalities provide centralized services


1960 Cooperation between municipalities in various projects begins.

2001 The Regional Centre Programme begins.

2005 The Subregional strategy is approved, Joint authority of Tampere Central Region is founded and the first subregion board is established.

2007 Paras, the project for restructuring municipalities and services, is approved in the urban region municipalities. Project is launched by the government.

2007 The projects of intercommunal cooperation are realised. New Period of Regional Centre Programme begins.